Head Shot Bonanza -- Dec. 9th Only!


Hello friends!

As many of you know, I love taking lifestyle photos of creative-minded business owners and their companies, however I started realizing that many of you are simply in need of classic, studio head shots. Because I haven’t shot a ton in studio since my days at photography school, I’ve decided to beef up my studio-lit simple head shots by putting on this fun Head Shot Bonanza. Originally this was only offered to my current and past clients, however I’ve decided the only way to get back into the comfort of studio photography is to photograph strangers as well. So if you or a friend or coworker or the cute stranger on the bus you keep saying you’re going to go talk to are in need of a couple good, clean head shots for your real estate business, tinder bio, singles-only holiday cards, LinkedIn profile, etc..and have 15 minutes to spare on December 9th… hit me up! My standard pricing for indoor, studio-lit head shots is $330. During this fantastic Bonanza, you’ll be getting the same offer for $137.50!! I’m no math major, but even I know that’s a helluva deal.  Sound good? Check out the full details below and click HERE to secure your spot today! xx, Amy


KAASM | Startup Collection

Earlier this month I was invited over to meet the guys at KAASM, Inc. and take a few head shots and some photos of them at work. KAASM is a really cool local company that helps other businesses streamline their systems by providing them with customized data regarding their processes. While I was there they showed me how data collected during the beer crafting process can help local brewers save time and money.

More info: KAASM // (206) 735-3882 // info@kaasm.com

Silver + Salt | Founder Collection

Shooting for Silver + Salt was a dream. I've always been fascinated by the way things are made so capturing Christine and her clients as they created their own one-of-a-kind wedding bands was amazing. These custom ring design workshops are a new offering for Silver + Salt and I cannot think of a better way to ensure that your wedding bands are as unique as you are. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact Christine; she is a joy to collaborate with and her work is simply superb. See a few of Silver + Salt's lovely pieces, as well as the wonderful process of ring making, below.

Silver + Salt is a creative labor of love by Christine Heidel. A photographer and a lover of all things hand-made, Christine spends her day chasing light and forging metal.
Simple and classic, Silver + Salt is jewelry that you can wear everyday. Their jewelry is hand-crafted in Seattle, WA using sterling silver, gold, and semi-precious stones. They use recycled metals and conflict-free, ethically sourced gemstones.
When you purchase from Silver + Salt, you are supporting a small business with a deep commitment to the local community and the shop small movement. Thank you for supporting makers and artists!


web: www.silverandsalt.co

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silverandsaltco

instagram: www.instagram.com/silverandsaltco/