Greetings and salutations!


So, I guess first things first: my name is actually Amelia. That's what it says on the logo above and that was the name my parents gave me at birth. Fun fact: I was actually Zachary William until the minute I was born and turned out to be a girl and they had to scramble, albeit masterfully, to come up with something a bit more fitting. So, Amelia Elizabeth it was. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my name; it sounds grown up and official. However, it's one of those things that when spoken allowed, automatically triggers immediate thoughts of unsolicited phone calls from mayoral campaigns, emails from wealthy Nigerian princes and of course my own childhood wrong-doing.  I can hear my mother's voice now, "Amelia Elizabeth Soper, this room is NOT clean."  So, for the sake of our new and budding, yet soon-to-be-amazing, friendship...

Please, just call me Amy.

I'm a published and award-winning photographer based in Woodinville, Washington. I love creating contemporary, magazine-style head shots, business photos and personal portraits that capture my clients’ unique personalities and most natural expressions.

My secret formula combines loads of laughter with more than 10 years of professional photography experience, and sometimes a little whisky.

I‘m a lifelong Seattle sports fan; born and raised on Gary Payton, Dave Krieg, and Edgar Martinez. I love fantasy football (when I'm winning), cheering on the Seahawks and telling anyone who will listen how badly we need our Sonics back.

I also enjoy smooth whisky (probably obvious by now), bold wine, and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with my cats.

There is nothing I love more than celebrating uniqueness in all people and I hope to tell your story one day.